Short Term Medical

Short term medical plans are sometimes referred to as “bridge” insurance.

These plans are designed to keep you from having gaps in your insurance for a variety of different reasons.

It’s important to remember that this type of coverage is designed to be short term--made with unexpected insurance gaps in mind. Failing to transition to full coverage in a designated amount of time will leave the policyholder liable to a fine from the ACA.

Why would I need short term medical coverage?

There are many reasons that an individual may require short term medical coverage. The most common is for employees in between jobs or coverage timelines; however others include (but are not limited to) a child being transitioned off their parents’ coverage, missing open enrollment, qualifying for a special event, waiting for Medicare, divorce, and many others. If you believe you qualify for short term medical insurance, call our office.

What are the benefits of short term medical coverage?

Short term medical coverage protects you from having a gap in your insurance, which is reason for penalty by the ACA. During the interim between two full service coverage policies, you will still be covered for basic health necessities.

When can I apply for short term medical coverage?

During open enrollment or during an significant change in your coverage or policies. You can enroll in short term medical coverage anytime, but will be subject to medical underwriting.

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