Renters Insurance

If you’re residing in a rental property for any amount of time, you need renters insurance.

As a tenant, you are solely responsible for your personal property and guests. No matter the circumstances of your rental agreement--whether you’re staying for a year or twenty--the wise investment is in a solid renters policy.

How do I know if I need Renters Insurance?

For some tenants, this question may be decided by the property owner. When you are renting a new place, check your lease or ask the property manager about renters insurance. In fact, many landlords require it--even up to a certain coverage limit. Even if your landlord doesn’t require renters insurance, at the Rueseler team recommends every renter take out a policy.

What can Renters Insurance protect?

Renters insurance protects what’s yours. In the event of fire, flood, theft, and certain other events, your policy will insure your personal possessions, personal liability, medical payments, and even additional living expenses.

Personal Property includes coverage for your clothes, furniture, electronics, and other items up to your coverage limit.

Personal Liability coverage keeps you protected if you’re ever responsible for a guest injury or property damage.

Medical payments insurance will cover medical expenses for anyone injured in your residence who does not live there full-time.

Should your residence ever become uninhabitable (due to conditions beyond your control), temporary living expenses will be covered by additional living expense coverage.

What is my landlord responsible for?

Your landlord is responsible for damage to the structure of the building. Your policy will cover your property within the dwelling--electronics, clothing, personal items, etc--but as a tenant, you’re not responsible for replacing the home if the structure is damaged. For example, if someone breaks in through the window and steals your laptop, your coverage will replace your laptop but the window replacement falls under the responsibility of the property manager.

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