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Who needs Car insurance?

All licensed drivers in the United States are required to have car insurance.

What factors affect car insurance policy rates?

There a many factors that have the power to change your rates for better or worse. That’s why it’s helpful to have an agent to weigh all your options with you. A few of the most common are age, driving record, and even the type of car you drive. If you haven't purchased a car yet, be sure to talk to an insurance agent to find out how your choice will affect your rates.

What types of coverage can I get?

The most common types of coverage are collision, comprehensive, personal injury, auto medical and uninsured motorist. Other types of coverage that are usually offered but not as commonplace to all drivers are things like rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance and mechanical breakdown insurance.

How can i get discounted rates?

As with all other insurance, car insurance rates depend on the provider and the policy holder. Many car insurance providers will offer discounts for good grades, students or safe driving. Ask your agent about which providers will offer you the best deal for your lifestyle.

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