Group Coverage


Choosing a plan that benefits a large number of people is a huge undertaking. And so is deciding what to opt into as an employee.

Before you get too overwhelmed, let the Rueseler team help you determine the right plan for everyone.

If you’re a recipient of group insurance benefits . . .

your coverage will vary depending on your employer, your preferences, and the policies offered to you. Employer-sponsored coverage offers certain benefits like choosing your own plan and coverage through the umbrella of an insurance provider, automatic deduction of your payment from your pay period, and a representative on call to help answer any questions you may have.

If you’re a provider of group insurance benefits . . .

it is likely that you’ll want to find the best option for the largest number of people you employ. When you employ more than 50 employees, you are required by law to provide insurance to your team--however, you can provide options at any size.

Let us craft a policy based on you.

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