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Motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs all have one thing in common: the thrill of adventure.

Find the right policy to protect all your recreational vehicles so you won’t be breaking the bank (and hopefully not anything else, either.)

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The most common recreational vehicle is the appropriately named RV (or "recreational vehicle"). RVs cover many miles, most often have many personal items in them at all times and transport multiple people. Coverage can include RVs, motor homes, campers or even trailers behind the vehicle. RV coverage is determined by the size and kinds of ammenities within them. Take stock of your RV specification to help us find the right policy before you hit the open road.


Motorcycles are not generally covered under a car insurance policy because their risk factor is so different. Because of this, rates may also be higher. However, the coverage will protect against a lot of the same things, like comprehensive and collision in the event of accident, a damaged bike or theft.


It’s a common misconception that ATVs are covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Unfortunately, ATVs require their own unique coverage. The coverage is similar to auto insurance; including liability, collision, comprehensive and even uninsured motorists. While ATV insurance isn't required, it's a smart investment; especially if you're transporting inviting other drivers or riders to use your ATVs.

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When you’re transporting your large vehicles to another area via a trailer, they are covered by your auto policy which overrides the specialty coverage during transport.

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